As a student of yoga for over 10 years, Agni decided it was time to put all the knowledge to work, and become a teacher of yoga, training in the lineage of ParaYoga® at Your Community Yoga Center. She is thankful for her beautiful Sangha, which brought the light to her and allowed her to blossom, and especially thankful to her beautiful teachers, Kathryn, Kristin and Bill for all their love, wisdom and support.

Yoga illuminates her life. She finds yoga to be the pathway to love, acceptance, forgiveness, and self study, allowing her to become a witness without judgement, and to be present only to LOVE. She is grateful for its gifts and grateful for her life.

Sometimes, she just likes to share with the world that it is OK to take 30 minutes during the day to fully relax. Her days are very busy, and she finds that after Shavasana half of her "to do" things disappear.


  • 200 hour teacher training, YogaSpirit
  • 500 hour teacher training "Teaching Deeper Practices: In the Lineage of Para Yoga"