courtney jeanne roy

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Courtney first found the flow arts during the summer of 2009, not long after a devastating personal loss. Drawn in by the joy, rhythm, and meditative movement, a new passion was awakened. Hooping gave her an overwhelming drive and focus she had not found in a hobby before. This simple toy became the outlet to express all facets of emotion she so desperately needed.

Since then, Courtney's skill set has stepped up from playing with one hoop to teaching beginner and intermediate hoop dance classes as well as performing with one to multiple hoops, fans, and levitation wand. In 2012 she began adding the element of fire to her performances, lending her skills to several different performance troupes local to the northeast. Her newest ventures include juggling and fire eating.

Courtney holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and works to incorporate her education and life experience into her passion by exploring dance and movement therapy.

Sign up for a private lesson and get an hour or more of in depth hoop dance with Courtney!

Call to schedule - (203) 287-2277  or Courtney at (203) 589-0981


   Beginner & Intermediate Classes  

Learn the basics of modern hula hooping.
Learn to hoop at the waist, hips and above the head as well as how to combine movements into flowing routines!


Benefits of hooping encompass
mind, body, and soul.

Strengthen your core and tone your muscles while increasing energy, reducing stress, and improving your rhythm, mood, and balance, Added bonus? Burn up to 600 calories per hour!

Don’t have a hoop? No worries! We will have extra hoops for you to use and/or purchase courtesy of Neutron Star Hoops. Wear comfortable clothes – yoga attire is perfect – and bring water to stay hydrated.