Gillian eastwood

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Gillian recognizes the benefit of yoga that can bring harmony within all lifestyles, and has enthusiastically taught yoga and meditation to those looking for a healing or mobility therapy, as well as to sports professionals, kids, and local communities in Texas, Tennessee and now Connecticut.

Having practiced yoga for over 12 years, Gillian wanted to share her love of yoga as a lifestyle and began teaching in 2013. Her main practice focuses on Sivananda (a branch of Hatha yoga) and Vinyasa flow, combining asana postures and pranayama breathing to enable calm, strength, free energy flow and concentration for the body, mind and spirit.

Gillian is also a biologist and modern dancer. She teaches with an emphasis on alignment and the philosophy of moving in “your body's way” in order to gain flexibility and to enjoy the relaxed connection with your breath, balance and form. Her classes can accommodate all levels of experience.

As a keen cyclist, in her yoga for cyclist classes, Gillian will be focusing in particular on cross-training strength, range of motion, balance, and focus that can help both casual and racing bikers.


• 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher