nancy ryan

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Nancy Ryan, has been a successful fitness instructor for more than three decades. She strives to create an environment where people of all ages and abilities feel safe and comfortable while focusing on their fitness. Her fun, dancey, musically inspiring classes are based on functional activities like climbing stairs, sitting down, standing up, or lifting grocery bags – for Nancy, working on core strength doesn’t translate to getting on the floor and doing a million crunches.

As people age sometimes a routine task such as pouring milk from a gallon container can become a challenge, thus, one of her messages to her clients is that fitness has to be consistent and functional. She also gives choices throughout her routines to do high-impact or low-impact.

As Nancy says: “You do it for your health. There is a gentler way to do this. You have to be nice to your body. It’s going to take care of you. I want to encourage lifelong fitness, no matter where in life you are.”