As we here at Your Community Yoga Center approached the tenth anniversary of our founding – January 1, 2017 – we searched for a way to welcome and include the experience of as many voices as would like to take part in sharing not only the experience this has been, but to help create the future that lies ahead.

Recently Jen and Laine attended an engaging workshop put on by CEIO at our sister space, The Whitneyville Cultural Commons. Led be sisters Leah and Naima Penniman, our time together included and was enveloped in a fabulous, ongoing story-gathering project, first created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


The idea was to gather Stories, Testimonies, Intentions, Truths, Confessions, Healing Expressions, and Dreams (STITCHED) on little square pieces of cloth and sew them together – it grew from a need for new voices to make way for new possibilities.

The experience was evocative of being surrounded by Tibetan prayer flags, which are traditionally used to promote peace, wisdom, compassion, and strength as the wind blows the prayers and mantras into the surroundings.

We invite you all to take part in creating our version of these beautiful traditions. Here is your opportunity for your stories, testimonies, inspirations, wishes, and dreams to be represented in our space – after all it is YOUR Community Yoga Center!


How? Anyone who would like to participate is invited to write a part of their story on a six-inch square piece of fabric. We will have a variety of cloth squares of many colors and sharpie markers at the center, on which you may write or draw that which you would like to share – stories, testimonies, inspirations, visions, dreams...

If you are reading this from afar, feel free to use light weight, colorful fabrics you have on hand and send your contribution to us!

We look forward to see this expression take shape - reflecting what we have created, and together brightening our future.