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Celebrate Mother's Day Family Yoga w/Sherri

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The Kidding Around Yoga program is nationwide and simply Magical Fun for Families! Faces light up, bodies are moving and grooving, children are singing, jumping, and striking poses, playing musical yoga games, with incredible music created especially for this fun program.

Each workshop incorporates a warm-up song, meditation discussion, Crazy monkeys, Sargent ‘Sun’ Salutations, dramatic play through a short story, an OM workshop with asana/pose review; games such as Toe-ga Yoga – because toes love yoga too!

Students rest in their Secret Garden and make believe their yoga mats are magic flying carpets as they lift off and fly away to a special place where they can dream, relax and breathe.

COST: Family Yoga 3, $20/per family per session.

Recommended for families with children in the 3-8 year old range.