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Jennifer Brosious & Laine Harris


Our History

Your Community Yoga Center traces it's roots to The Connecticut Yoga Center, originally housed at 1220 Whitney Avenue, founded in 2000 by “Kitty” (Katherine) Moore, a Juilliard-trained actress. Kitty had recently returned from Ireland and began teaching yoga to support her family. Her classes grew quickly in popularity, and, looking for larger rooms to accommodate the demand, she began renting additional space at our current location in the former firehouse on Putnam Ave.

Kitty and Jennifer met when Jen stopped by to put up a flier for a dance benefit and there was an immediate strong connection. In January of 2003, Jennifer, and, soon afterwards, her husband Laine, began practicing and training with Kitty, and eventually became instructors at the studio.

When Kitty relocated to Colorado in 2007 (where she created and teaches at The Hidden Yoga Studio), Jennifer and Laine took ownership of the studio, re-naming it Your Community Yoga Center. Over the years the center has grown, and today we host upwards of 35 classes a week in a range of styles. There are more than 20 teachers on staff. In addition to special workshops, students can train to become teachers through programs offered through yogaspirit© and Full of Joy Yoga©. 

We also maintain an active relationship with the Himalayan Institute, hosting workshops with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (the Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute), Shari Friedrichsen, Sandra Anderson, Rolf Sovik and others. We’ve also hosted workshops and teacher trainings with Rod Stryker (Parayoga), Manorama, Judith Hansen Lassiter, Hari Haur Khalsa, and many others.

This continues to be an evolution, and we invite you to share in the process as we continue to develop Your Community Yoga Center. As we move along, we’ll share the journey with you.

Jennifer Brosious and Laine Harris

Our historic home, the former Whitneyville firehouse: a building with a long history of serving the community!

Our historic home, the former Whitneyville firehouse: a building with a long history of serving the community!

Our Partners

YCYC gladly partners with other local businesses in Whitneyville, to foster our community and our local economy! 

Whitney Cultural Commons fosters independent local businesses, connecting them in useful and profitable ways. By involving our members socially, through a wide range of fun and educational events, we create a positive environment for progressive change, thereby strengthening our local economy and neighborhood. Offering affordable co-working space and a variety of community activities, WCC connects people, ideas, and opportunity in useful and productive ways.



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